Sealants by the Best Dentist in the Bronx


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Typically used as a preventative measure, sealants are thin coatings typically placed on the permanent back teeth, or molars, as a preventative measure. Since most teeth are shaped with pits, grooves and curves, these can be difficult to reach and clean. This is also common for those using a fine-bristled toothbrush. As we always say at Gandhi Dentist NY, prevention is better than finding a cure.

Most sealants are placed while a patient is still young, but there are many adults who benefit from sealants as well. This is highly effective in preventing decay on the biting surfaces on chewing teeth.

What is involved with Sealants?

1) The tooth surface is cleaned, conditioned and dried.
2) Sealant is dropped onto the tooth surface and flows into the position.
3) Sealant sticks to the tooth and is hardened under a blue light
4) The tooth is sealed, giving full protection.