Best Oral Cancer Screening Dentist | Bronx, NYC


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Prevention is always better than finding a cure. Many screening tests are used to detect cancers early and also to decrease the chance of fatalities from those cancers. One simple test can make all the difference. The earlier you are able to detect something “not quite right”, the better. In fact, for most oral cancers, the odds of remission are much higher in patients who find their cancer at an early stage.
Gandhi Dental is dedicated to your smile, but also to your overall wellness. Unlike many dentists, we take a holistic approach to your dental care. An oral cancer screening is always a part of your regular exam. The advantages of modern medicine and dentistry has afforded us the ability to pinpoint the start of a potential problem much earlier than in past years.
An oral cancer screening is often completed using an ultraviolet light or similar device. This allows your dentist to view issues that often cannot be detected by the human eye under normal conditions. It’s a very simple process that doesn’t take up much of your time.

Who Should Have an Oral Cancer Screening?

When it comes to oral health, everyone should make cancer screenings a priority. Certain lifestyle choices can have a serious impact on the health of your mouth and gums’ tissues. Your overall mouth health can often indicate underlying health issues as well. If you are a smoker or a heavy drinker, make sure to get regular oral cancer screenings whenever you visit the dentist.

Top Symptoms of Oral Cancer:

• Difficulty speaking, chewing, swallowing, or moving your jaw or tongue
• If you notice red or white spots or sores anywhere in the oral cavity
• A lump, thickening or rough spot.
• Pain, tenderness, or numbness anywhere in the mouth or on the lips

These are just a few indications of oral cancer. It’s important to get annual screenings each year.