Dental Fillings by the Best Cosmetic Dentist | Bronx, NYC


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Fillings The Best Way to Restore a Tooth

Today, there are a number of dental filling materials available. The myriad of options of which you can choose from include: Gold, Porcelain, Silver Amalgam (mercury, mixed with silver, tin, zinc, and copper) or tooth colored, plastic, and materials called composite resin fillings. There is also an option called glass ionomer which contains glass particles. This material is used in ways similar to the use of composite resin fillings. Metal-free fillings are also called composites or white fillings- often a favorite material chosen due to its’ uncanny look of a real tooth.

Dr. Gandhi will help determine the best type of filling for you. The location and extend of decay, cost of filling material, your insurance coverage will all play roles in determining which filling will be used. Much less invasive than getting a crown placed, fillings restore your teeth back to working order.

What’s Involved in Getting a Tooth Filled?

• First: Dr. Gandhi will use local anesthetic to numb the area around the tooth to be filled.

• This area is inspected and probed to determine that all decay has been removed. Once this has been successfully determined, the space is prepped for the filling. This is done by cleaning the cavity of bacteria and debris.

• After the resin filling is in place, Dr. Gandhi will finish and polish it.

• There are several additional steps for tooth-colored fillings. A tooth colored material is applied in two layers then exposed to a special light that hardens each layer. Once this layering and hardening process is completed, Dr. Gandhi will artfully shape the composite material to the desired result and trim off any excess material followed by a nice polishing to the fill.

Why Choose Metal-Free Fillings?

• Metal Fillings contain mercury, which can be harmful to your health. White fillings contain absolutely no mercury.

• White fillings contain silicone dioxide, which prevents the filling from conducting extreme hot or cold temperatures. This means your teeth will not be sensitive after treatment.

• White fillings harden quickly after treatment, whereas metal fillings usually take several hours.

• White fillings look natural and blend in with your teeth, unlike metal filings which are grey and show contrast against your teeth.

• Metal-free filings will not absorb moisture

• They do not expand or contract with heat